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Meet Enhancement Suite improves the Google Meet experience through amazing new features and smart default settings.

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Transparent Bar icon

Transparent Bar

Make the bottom bar transparent so it doesn't cover participants video

Auto Full Screen icon

Auto Full Screen

Auto go full screen when someone is presenting

Hide Mute Popup icon

Hide Mute Popup

Hide the ''Are you speaking?'' popup from appearing when your muted

Do Not Disturb icon

Do Not Disturb

Limit distractions by hiding new comments and user join popups

Google Grid Layout icon

Google Grid Layout

Automatically apply Google's grid layout by default

And much more! icon

And much more!

View our roadmap to see all the features we have planned

Basic Features

Push to talk icon

Push to talk

No more hunting for the un-mute button. Hold left Shift to talk.

Auto join icon

Auto join

Skip the join screen and get straight to the meeting.

Quick leave icon

Quick leave

No more awkward searching for the hang-up button. Leave with Shift + K

Auto captions icon

Auto captions

Automatically enable captions on all calls.

Auto mute icon

Auto mute

Auto mute microphone on all calls.

Auto video off icon

Auto video off

Disable your camera by default on all calls.

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